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If you are considering a simple upgrade for a light weight plain sewing machine you are not alone. Many people take this option and have great fun with their hobbies. Your machine is probably a high speed clothing machine and like many other people you want to work on heavier fabrics such as canvas and vinyl. On your standard machine you will probably find that once you put heavier cotton on, it will not pull the stitch up properly or it will all loop up underneath. The heavy duty kit we recommend for installing on your machine eliminates this issue with the right thread. All components in the heavy duty kit are used on Walking Foot Machines.

While a Walking Foot machine is recommended for a business with continuous heavy industrial work, if you don't have the budget and you are looking for a great alternative to be able to do those jobs you've always wanted to do as a hobby, we recommend installing a heavy duty kit.

Other recommendations include slowing the machine down using a smaller pulley. The smallest pulley we offer is 40mm. If this is still too fast then we recommend replacing the motor to a 1425rpm or consider a servo motor. The faster your machine runs, the more chance you have of breaking needles, breaking cotton, fraying of thread caused by needle heat as well as being unable to control the machine.

We have created a short video showing you how to complete a heavy duty kit upgrade. You can view this video below;


If you are interested to purchase a heavy duty kit for your sewing machine, you can click below to buy online today.

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