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Sewing Machines Australia SMA JW28-BL30 Walking Foot Compound Feed Industrial Sewing Machine

SMA-JW28BL-30-2SMA JW-28BL-30 Walking Foot Compound Feed Industrial Sewing Machine is based on the popular Adler 220, Seiko JW-28BL-30 and the Singer 145 Industrial long arm Sewing Machines that we all know has been serving the industry for the past 30 years and is our NO.1 selling twin needle Industrial Sewing Machine for the seaming and manufacturing of Shade sails and shade structures. This twin needle Longarm Industrial Sewing Machine is ideal for the manufacture or repair of larger shade sails and shade structures made from all types of shade fabrics including Monotec 370, Extra Block, Rainbow Shade Z16, Extreme 32, DriZ or any other types of shade cloth, webbing straps, D Rings, Pro Rig, spring clips or binding. The SMA JW-28BL-30 is the ideal industrial twin needle long arm machine that is needed to pull those larger shade sails through easily. The machines feeding capability along with the top and bottom driven pneumatic puller make the feeding of this machine hard to beat. The automatic needle positioning and back tac for both start and finish as well as the pneumatic foot and puller lift allow the operator to concentrate on the manufacture of the shade sail through the one peddle operation. The SMA JW-28BL-30 is easy to use, and has a extended 30 inch working space to allow for easy maneuverability of larger shade cloth fabrics and is capable of sewing the latest PTFE sewing threads. SMA JW-28BL-30 has no oil bath which eliminates the dirt, shade cloth waste and any foreign matter mixing with the oil along with it's high quality make up this allows for less servicing requirements. For the ultimate force in the manufacturing of shade sales use the SMA JW-28BL-30 twin needle longarm in conjunction with the SMA K6 Range. The SMA JW-28BL-30 comes as a complete unit with bench and fully adjustable powder coated stand combined with a powerful 1 horse power electronic Servo motor. Accessories included are, extra bobbins, needles, screwdrivers, clippers, oil bottle, instruction and parts manual. There has been many of these machines sold throughout Australia and New Zealand with excellent results, we have many references available regarding this machine. Installation and training by our technicians is advised for this product.

SMA offers easy 24 hour online parts ordering and 12 month warranty with a 24 month option

SMA-JW28BL-30-06 SMA-JW28BL-30-08 SMA-JW28BL-30-19 SMA-JW28BL-30-20 

Sewing Machines Australia offers standard features such as:

  • Electronic Servo Motor for precision sewing and needle and electronic positioning 
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Top and bottom driven synchronised pneumatic puller with a massive 60mm lift
  • Push button reverse
  • Electronic programmable reverse at the start and end
  • Touch control panel allowing adjustable reverse stitches
  • Pneumatic foot lift
  • Pneumatic puller lift
  • Pneumatic switch to disconnect puller when not required
  • Optional needle gauge
  • Long and wide working space is suitable for sizable materials such as tents, shade cloth and sail cloth
  • Extra large vertical axis hook with automatic lubrication
  • Compound feed and walking foot mechanism assures even feeding of materials
  • Double thread tension
  • Safety clutch prevents the hook from being damaged
  • Push button stitch regulator
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Front handwheel (30 inch model only) 
  • This machine comes as a complete unit with table and motor. On-site installation and training is advised. Accessories included are extra bobbins, needles, screwdrivers, clippers, oil bottle, instruction and parts manual.

    Optional accessories:

  • Lap seam folder
  • Machine light
  • SMA-JW28BL-30-03 SMA-JW28BL-30-04 SMA-JW28BL-30-05 SMA-JW28BL-30-07 SMA-JW28BL-30-10 SMA-JW28BL-30-11 SMA-JW28BL-30-12 SMA-JW28BL-30-13 SMA-JW28BL-30-14 SMA-JW28BL-30-15 SMA-JW28BL-30-16 SMA-JW28BL-30-17 SMA-JW28BL-30-18