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Durkopp Adler 667 Binder Industrial Sewing Machine

Durkopp Adler 667/E29-6 Binding Industrial Sewing Machine

The Durkopp Adler 667/E29-6 Compound Feed, Walking Foot, Synchronised high-speed binding machine is ready to elevate your binding production to the next level. The 667/E29-6 features a driven binding folder that moves in synchronisation with the needle, inside foot and feed dog so that you can sew binding onto inside and outside curves. Ideal for polyester and polypropylene binding tapes used heavily throughout the marine trimming, tool bag, carpet and canvas industries.

Durkopp Adler 667 ECO Compound Feed Walking Foot Synchronised Binding Machine

The 667/E29-6 features a XXL 32mm bobbin to reduce the stop/start of changing bobbins. It is a side-loading machine so that you do not have to remove the work or binding apparatus to change the bobbin.

  • Triple Feed System; bottom feed, needle feed and alternating walking feet.
  • Stitch Length: up to 6mm
  • Presser Foot Lift: 20mm
  • Tape Size: 20mm, 25mm, and Many sizes available
  • Needle: 134-35 Needle System
  • Workspace: 335mm x 125mm
  • Hook: Horizontal XXL with 32mm Bobbin
  • Lubrication: Automatic Minimal lubrication via two points
  • Motor: G752 Series, 1 Horsepower Electronic Motor with Needle Positioning
  • Bench Size: 1200mm x 600mm
  • Bobbin Winder: In-built Self-Start Bobbin
  • Alternating Walking Foot Lift: Up to 9mm, via dial adjustment (no tools required)
  • Double tension with one dis-engageable
  • European designed and manufactured integrated LED Light with brightness control
  • Optional Pneumatic Foot Lift available (air connection required) 

Durkopp Adler 667 ECO Compound Feed Walking Foot Synchronised Binding Machine