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Industrial Sewing Machine Motors

New Industrial Sewing Machine Enquiry

At Sewing Machines Australia (SMA) we offer a range of motors for industrial sewing machines. We have the latest range of Clutch and Servo motors. Servo motors are ideal for someone wanting more control of both the speed and the precision of the industrial sewing machine with such features as electronic needle position, silent operation, energy saving as well as auto reverse and automatic foot lift if requested on compatible industrial sewing machines. This makes the Servo motors one of the most popular growing motors for the sewing machine industry. SMA also stock high and low speed clutch motors. Industrial low speed clutch motors with a 1425rpm are used on heavy duty machines or any machine such as a walking foot, long arm or any other machines that don't require high speed. The high speed motors are used on overlockers and clothing machines. All Industrial Sewing Machine clutch motors come with an unbeatable 5 year warranty. At SMA we only use Clutch and Servo motors that are tried and true and backed by repair agents that are here in Australia.