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 Layby Payment Option

Sewing Machines Australia
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Layby Terms and Conditions:
Sewing Machines Australia (SMA) offers a basic 4 month interest free layby term for machinery purchases. This applies to regular stock items only. Special orders and non-stock items are not offered for Layby purchase.

A deposit of AUD$500.00 must be paid at the time of order for all machinery. The total price of the purchase must be paid in full, within a period of no longer than 4 months.

Payment Methods:
We accept all current methods of payment as advertised on our web site

Fees and Charges:
All Laybys are offered INTEREST FREE and no additional charges for interest or for any other reason will be charged, with the exception of a termination fee if you cancel your Layby prior to full payment.

Delivery of Goods:
Your order will be delivered or made available for pick up depending on the Layby arrangement you have made, only after full and final payment has been completed. Ownership of the goods does not transfer to the purchaser until full payment has been received. If the product on Layby is unavailable when final payment is completed, all reasonable efforts will be made to acquire the product as quickly as possible to fulfil your order. Standard trading terms apply to all Layby purchases. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for full details. (Click Here)

You may cancel you Layby at any time prior to full payment being made. If you cancel your Layby, a termination fee will apply.

Termination Fees:
A termination fee of $96.80 will apply if you cancel your Layby at any time prior to full payment being received. This fee is to cover any administration and restocking costs. All other money paid towards the Layby purchase will be refunded in full, with the exception of the termination fee.

Standard warranty conditions apply. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Please DO NOT enter into this Layby agreement if you do not understand this agreement or if you require longer than 4 months to complete payment. Please also understand that the goods will not be supplied and remain the property of Sewing Machines Australia (SMA) until full and final payment has been received.

Other Payment Options:
For payment schemes longer than four months, we offer FlexiRent Leasing options. For 12 month, 2 year, 3 year and 4 year payment options, please visit our Flexirent payment calculator page. (Click Here)