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Juki LU 2810

Juki LU-2810 Semi Long & High Arm Lockstitch Sewing Machine for Canvas & Upholstery

This lockstitch machine is part of the latest Juki 2800 series and features a whole host of design enhancements. Most importantly, the Juki LU-2810 has increased the working space and the presser foot height; now up to 20mm clearance. Enjoy more room to work with your heavy materials such as canvas, vinyl, leather, marine clears. This industrial sewing machine is designed for the professional upholsterer and specifically the automotive and marine trimmers.

Juki LU 2810 workingspace          Juki LU 2810 footheight 

This high speed single needle lockstitch machine delivers reliability every time. The following three design features ensure this sewing machine has excellent stitch control and can pull up even the heaviest of threads;

  • adjustable walking foot height
  • adjustable foot pressure
  • dual tension assembly with quick release tension lever

Click to view our demonstration video and see how these features work together to make climbing over multiple layers of fabric easy.

When you purchase this machine with Sewing Machines Australia (SMA), you will receive these upgrades;

  • free upgrade from standard benchtop to high quality marine ply benchtop
  • free upgrade from standard clutch motor to the latest servo motor with electronic needle positioning

Enjoy the G60 servo motor on this Juki LU-2810. Please note the image at the top of this page shows this industrial sewing machine with an i90 motor which does not come as standard. Should you be interested in a further upgrade from the G60 servo motor, we can of course discuss other options to suit your budget.

G60 mini servo motor

You can click to watch our video demonstration of this machine above and see both of the free upgrade options supplied by SMA.

Here is a recent customer review for this industrial Juki sewing machine model;

Juki LU 2810 customerJJ

I’m Jacob from J&J Upholstery; I have been doing upholstery for 20 years and have had several different sewing machines. About 10 years ago I purchased a Typical walking foot sewing machine and this served me well, but had its limitations, and of recent some frustrations, therefore I decided I would upgrade my machine.

Anthony from SMA suggested that buying a Juki LU-2810 with servo motor would serve me best. Being in a small town, I take on all sorts of upholstery work, from cushioning, to large PVC covers, and every-thing in-between. I decided to go down that pathway and have been pleased that I did. Anthony indicated that I would be surprised by the machines size, yes it is big. It’s like comparing a weight lifter with a computer nerd!

It is what I would call my “Muhammad Ali” machine, if you remember the song and the line “floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee”, well if found it worked well doing fabric cushioning work, probably doing more accurate work than my previous machines, but then working with many layers of PVC, it has the knock-out punch, sewing with great ease. The larger neck size is great, I don’t have to struggle getting bulky jobs through. Another feature that I like is the foot-lifter lever is right next to the wheel, so when I have to do a turn in my sewing, I usually would turn the wheel the last several stitches to avoid over-run and then lift the foot to rotate the work, this is a convenient design which I appreciate.

The servo motor is great, first time I have used one, but found I was able to quickly adjust to its differences. Motor speed, unless I changed the pulley sizes on my old sewing machine, that is the speed I am stuck with, but with the servo motor I can change the speed by pressing several buttons, so I can select the slow wheelie-walker, or any speed in between to a formula 1 racing car. The other great asset that the servo motor has is the needle lock, with my other machines, every time I stopped to adjust the work, I would have to turn the wheel to bury the needle before moving the job, not with the servo motor, every-time I stop, the machine automatically buries the needle, and this is great. Many a time I would get ahead of myself and forget to bury the needle, but this is no longer a problem with the servo motor, certainly speeds up the process.