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SMA Accessories Sewing Thread


Bag Closing, Coats Dabond UV Treated & Coats Terko Satin Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Thread

Sewing Machines Australia (SMA) stock a range of industrial sewing threads. Buy Bag Closing Thread by the box or single cone. Explore the wide range of colours available in the number one industry standard UV Treated Dabond Heavy Duty Sewing Thread. The Dabond range is a bonded Polyester thread which is designed for applications exposed to the sun, salt water, wind, marine conditions and anywhere that can be tough on threads. We also supply Coats Terko Satin thread, a cotton-wrapped polyester thread delivering superior strength and anti-wicking.

Bag Closing Thread


Coats Dabond UV Treated


Coats Terko Satin


Select Bag Closing Threads for ...

  • Farmers
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Stock feed bags
  • Food preparation bags
  • Raw commodity bags
  • and many more ...

Select Coats Dabond UV Treated Threads for ...

  • Our harsh Australian conditions
  • UV Treated applications
  • Equine
  • Canvas
  • Vinyl
  •  and many more ...

Select Coats Terko Satin Threads for ...

  • Those who require anti-wicking
  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • and many more ...