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If you have purchased a new industrial sewing machine, you will need to wind a bobbin for the first time as part of the setup process. You can view our short video below which covers winding a bobbin for initial setup and shows the process on a bench mount bobbin winder. It also provides help if your bobbin winder is not working correctly. You can make adjustments to achieve an even thread capacity as well as to increase or decrease the amount of thread on your bobbin. Typically it is recommended to aim for 80% even thread capacity on your bobbin.

After the initial setup of a bobbin and you are operating your new industrial sewing machine regularly, you can setup simultaneous winding of bobbin. Your machine will do this at the same time you are sewing stitches so that you do not need to break production flow to wind new bobbins. We demonstrate this simultaneous bobbin winding setup in the How To Change A Bobbin video.