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Heavy Duty Kit

Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit for sewing Canvas, Leather, Vinyl, Shade Cloth and other heavy materials. Click "Product Details" for more information and to watch our video on how to install this kit.
+ GST = $59.51

Heavy duty upgrade kit which allows your machine to be converted to sew heavier work.

View our latest video below demonstrating how to install this kit.

Your Gemsy GEM8900 Industrial Sewing Machine is normally a high speed clothing machine and like many other people they want to try and use it to sew heavier work like Canvas, Vinyl and other heavier materials. A Walking Foot Machine is usually required for heavier work, in saying this your machine can be upgraded to be able to sew heavier work and take heavier sewing threads. It is also our recommendation that you slow your machine down by changing the pulley to a smaller size as the faster you go the hotter the needle will get causing the thread to constantly break, miss stitching and broken needles. Remember if you change the Pulley to a smaller size you will have to change the belt to suit, Please use the below chart when changing the Pulley.

Kit consists of:

  • 1 x Heavy Duty Needle Plate
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Feed Dog
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Tension Spring
  • 3 x Steel Bobbins
  • 1 x Presser Foot


Other Recommendations for Heavy Work

  • Slow the machine down using a smaller pulley
  • Slowest speed size 40
  • You will also need to change your VBelt to suit
  • Needle - Please select size 120 or 130


  • Use thread size V69

Pulley and Belt Conversion Guide

  • For the 40mm   Pulley the M38 Belt is required
  • For the 50mm   Pulley the M39 Belt is required
  • For the 60mm   Pulley the M40 Belt is required
  • For the 90mm   Pulley the M41 Belt is required
  • For the 100mm Pulley the M42 Belt is required
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