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Ho Hsing G60 Servo Motor

Ho Hsing G60 servo motor ideal for a simple upgrade on industrial sewing machines. Achieve fully adjustable speed control with this neat motor. Please specify machine brand and model motor will be fitted to.
+ GST = $467.50

HO HSING G60 Servo Motor

The Ho Hsing G60 Series Servo Motor is one of Australia's newest mini servo motors and has been designed to deliver impressive energy savings. An attractive feature of this model of motor is that installation is easy and hassle free, with no need for a technician or electrician. Simply plug and play with this neat Japanese manufactured motor. Instantly reduce your energy and operation costs when you install this sewing machine motor. If your existing sewing machine uses a clutch motor but your workload needs something with more grunt, then this G60 servo motor is the ideal upgrade for you. Achieve fully adjustable speed control with this low cost but reliable servo motor.

  • A 'green' choice for your motor upgrade
  • Easy install and no maintenance
  • Adjustable speed control and highly responsive
  • Low power conumption - saving up to 35% energy
  • Minimal noise
  • Powerful 600W motor
  • Single phaze 240V
  • Australian 3 pin moulded plug
  • Weighs 7kg

Download the manual:

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