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Buraschi Rope Marker CM

This Buraschi machine is suitable for measuring, marking and cutting ropes with diameter range from 8 to 25 mm. (1”)

The machine can mark ropes at regular or irregular spaces. Marking can be done with one colour or two colours to fit different needs. The cutting operation is done at a hot temperature and it is accurate and clean without fail.

Often there may be specific customer requirements for rope manufacture and we discuss the options with you and integrate a unique setup where possible.

Standard Available Models:

CM1 Buraschi-rope.2 Buraschi-rope.3   Measuring and Cutting Features
CM2 Buraschi-rope.2 Buraschi-rope.4   Measuring and Making Features
  Mod. A single colour
  Mod. B double colours
CM3 Buraschi-rope.2 Buraschi-rope.4 Buraschi-rope.3 Measuring, Marking and Cutting Features
  Mod. A single colour
  Mod. B double colours


Trials have been completed on the Buraschi Rope Making Machine and the following provides information on processing times which will give you an idea about the performance of the machine.
No operator is needed during the working cycle.
The test was made on twisted rope of 18 mm polysteel.

- How long does it take to measure one rope 20 mt long and to add 6 marks with a single colour on each piece?
Time needed 64\"

- How long does it take to measure one rope 5 mt long and to add 6 marks with a single colour?
Time needed 29\"

- How long does it take to measure one rope 30 mt long ?
Time needed 65”

- Test made on 1 complete coil of rope 220 mt. long, cut into 19 ropes 10.8 mt long and marked 5 times on each piece, and 4 ropes 2.4 mt long with 5 marks each.
   Time needed for all jobs 25 minutes without operator standing by.


Operator Screen
Every model is supplied with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a friendly S/W.







Buraschi-rope-9 Angle Cut Buraschi-rope-11
Buraschi-rope-10 Straight Cut


Technical Data:

  • Transmission pulley and brake at 1800mm height from the ground
  • Powered pulley coated with rubber
  • Idle pulley for pneumatic contrast
  • Electronic meter with instrument for setting marking cycles
  • Inerasable bicolors marker
  • Rope feeding speed from 5 to 30 meters/minute
  • Air compressor
  • Knot sensor and rope end sensor
  • Frame with locking feet and wheels
  • Expandable to optional hot cutter system and smoke vacuum
  • PC serial port
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 Volts single phase